Teeth Removal

Your doctor may recommend removal of a tooth, also known as an extraction, for many reasons. Reasons can include advanced gum disease, a large cavity causing a tooth infection, a fractured tooth, spacing issues, or wisdom teeth that either are causing problems or will cause problems in the future. An extraction may be recommended at any moment in your life whether you are a child, middle aged adult or an elder. 

The process is generally very quick and simple. Once the doctor ensures you're fully anesthetized, he or she will gently remove the tooth and clean up any remaining infection. If the tooth is visible in your smile it will normally be replaced with a temporary tooth immediately. The remaining socket may require bone graft material which maintains the integrity of the bone. This increases the chances an implant can be placed in the future to permanently replace the tooth.  In some cases of very healthy bone, the doctor will be able to place the implant the same day of the extraction. 

Healing time is variable and in most cases, patients are able to go back to work the next day with mild pain and/or swelling if any. Depending on the complexity of the extraction, wisdom teeth will generally require 3-7 days of recovery with antibiotics and pain medication as needed. 

If you have a tooth that you think will need to be removed, please schedule a consultation and your doctor will determine the best treatment for your overall well being. 

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