Teeth Removal

Tooth Extractions in Manhattan, NYC

At the dental office of Jonathan Moy, DDS, we understand that teeth do not always last a lifetime. For this reason, we offer tooth extraction services at our office in Gramercy, New York City, New York, Manhattan.

Tooth extraction can be surgical or non-surgical depending on the case and patient. The difficulty of the extraction depends on the severity of the impaction of the tooth or if it has erupted. Because tooth extractions require the use of anesthesia, normally in the form of a local anesthetic, we take a conservative approach towards tooth extractions, only performing the procedure when necessary to keep you smiling happily and healthily.

Reasons for Extractions

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. A loose tooth in the mouth is a good reason to schedule a consultation at our dental office in Manhattan to determine whether the tooth needs to be pulled or removed.

An abscessed tooth with several cavities and acute tooth decay may need to be removed if it cannot be saved or is beyond repair.

A tooth that is broken or chipped at the gumline or below may not be salvageable and might need professional removal.

A tooth that has impacted and especially one which is causing pain, usually one or more of the wisdom teeth, may require dental extraction.

Supernumerary teeth, having too many teeth, could cause crowding. If teeth cannot erupt from the gums because of crowding or extra teeth, a tooth extraction could be a suitable treatment. Crowding could also be caused by tooth shape or size.

Pulling teeth or extracting them surgically is done under anesthesia, which numbs the area and prevents you from sensing pain. An extracted tooth might be replaced by a short-term or permanent implant to limit shifting and avoid any complications.

At Jonathan Moy, DDS, dental office in Manhattan, we reserve extractions for dental cases where no other treatment is available or sufficient to cure any pain or problems in your mouth. We are dedicated to providing comfortable, kind care. Call our office today to schedule a consultation or make an appointment with a dentist in Midtown Manhattan. We also offer services in surrounding locations of Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, East Village, Gramercy, Murray Hill.

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