Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Manhattan, NYC

When the structure of a tooth is compromised due to injuries, tooth decay, or dental procedures, a dental crown is often recommended. A crown is used to preserve the structure of the tooth and protect it from further damage that may be caused by your everyday activities. They cover the entire upper portion of your teeth, where the enamel is visible – in some cases, they can cover the root surfaces of teeth as well. To place a crown, the tooth will need to be prepared for the crown to be bonded to the tooth.

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Preparing the Tooth

Your dentist will need to get a dental impression of the alignment and bite force of your teeth. This impression allows them to make a model of your mouth using the information gathered about your smile to create an accurate replica of your tooth. In the end, you will receive a crown that looks natural and fits into the mouth properly.

Once the impression is made, your real tooth will be reshaped to allow enough room for the crown to fit on top of it. This process is called preparing the tooth.

Installing the Crown

Once your dentist has prepared the tooth, a temporary crown is placed on the tooth until it has healed and you return for your next appointment. Once the permanent crown is ready to be installed, you will return to our office and the crown will be fitted onto the teeth. During this fitting, our dental professionals will shape the tooth and make sure that it fits comfortably and securely in the mouth. When this is achieved, it will be bonded to the tooth and hardened using a UV curing light.

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