Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Manhattan, NYC

Dental bridges are a permanent treatment for repairing missing or lost teeth and serve as an alternative to dentures. Bridges are the preferred choice of many patients in Manhattan, NYC. The procedure for installing dental bridges is safe. At Jonathan Moy, DDS, FICOI, we offer the best services of cosmetic dentistry in Manhattan including the ones involving replacing missing teeth and after a consultation, would be happy to see if dental bridges are a good option for you.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that can be used in the event of partial tooth loss. A bridge, as the name suggests, replaces a lost tooth or teeth in between remaining, healthy teeth. It literally bridges the gap between teeth. To qualify as a candidate for a dental bridge, the remaining teeth must be strong enough to support the dental bridge. If your dentist determines that a dental bridge is the right choice for you, natural-looking crowns will be placed on the surrounding healthy teeth to anchor and secure the base of your new tooth or teeth. The surrounding teeth are the foundation and therefore need to be sturdy and healthy to guarantee that your new tooth or teeth remain in their proper place. If placed correctly, dental bridges can last up to fifteen years or longer.

A dental bridge may be necessary to restore the appearance of your smile. It may also be needed to give you the ability and confidence to converse normally, maintain the form and structure of your face, and to stop pressure being placed on your remaining teeth.

The largest difference between dentures and dental bridges is that dentures are not permanently fixed in place. Because they are removable, they pose a risk of becoming loose or falling out of place and out of your mouth. Dental bridges are a better alternative for those who wish to have a full set of teeth 24/7. If you have dentures and feel that they are inconvenient and doing menial tasks such as eating, laughing, talking or playing are more difficult because of them, you should speak to your dentist about switching to dental bridges.

At the dental office of Jonathan Moy, DDS, in Manhattan, we are happy to go over the differences between dentures and dental bridges at your consultation. We will make sure to educate you on the different options for treatment available to you.

Our cosmetic dentist in Midtown will also provide services in surrounding locations in Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, East Village, Gramercy, Murray Hill.

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