Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes if we have a cracked tooth or a huge cavity inside of a tooth, the soft tissues inside can get inflamed and/or infected. These teeth require endodontic therapy also known as root canal therapy. By using today's technology and powerful anesthetics, root canals are now painless and quick. 

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After the doctor ensures you're numb and can't feel anything, the decay is then cleaned out with a small dental drill and the canals of the tooth are exposed. 

Then, the canals are thoroughly filed, cleaned and rinsed with a solution that kills all of the bacteria.

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Finally, the canals are filled with a biocompatible material called gutta percha. After root canal therapy, teeth usually become brittle and require crowns to protect and prolong the longevity of the tooth. 

If taken proper care of, a root canal treated tooth may last up to a lifetime. 

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