Get Your Smile Back with The Clear Aligners

Get Your Smile Back with The Clear Aligners

Traditional and fixed braces have been an effective orthodontic treatment for a hundred years, however, their discomfort, visibility, and structure makes them an ineffective choice for most people.

Although their effectiveness has come under strict scrutiny, clear aligners seem to be a promising orthodontic treatment if fixed well, and Dr. Jonathan Moy DDS is skilled at that.

What are clear aligners?

Teeth aligners are near-invisible supporters that are used to correct mild to moderate dental problems.

Discovered in 1946, clear orthodontic appliances have been used to correct minor spacing or crowding. However, with modern technology and computer design, the use of clear aligners has greatly improved. Today, these teeth appliances are used to treat mild to severe malocclusions.


Who can wear invisible braces?

Invisible teeth appliances are custom-built for a tight fit and thus are suitable for teens and adults. Clear braces are, however, not suitable for young children as their teeth are still growing and developing.


Orthodontic aligners Vs. conventional braces

While clear orthodontic appliances are removable, braces are more permanent. They are bonded to the affected teeth using an arch-wire. The tightness of braces will vary based on the number of affected teeth and the severity of the malocclusion.

How do they Work?

Invisible aligners like other types of orthodontic braces, gradually shift and straighten the teeth into the natural position using a set of aligners.

Each aligner works by moving the teeth up 0.3mm until the ideal shape has been attained, and you need to replace them every two weeks. Why 14 days? It has been discovered that two weeks is the most suitable time needed for the gum and bones to settle into their new position and they don’t rotate back.

The procedure

Before the dental procedure begins, Dr. Jonathan Moy DDS will examine your dental health by taking diagnostic records like x-rays, digital 3D scans, and impressions of the teeth. He will use the aligner software to design your perfect plastic aligners using the impression. These transparent braces are a replica of your teeth and wearing them will put mild pressure on your teeth to reposition them.


It is recommended that you wear a clear appliance for 22 hours a day or as prescribed by the dentist.

As aforementioned, each set of clear braces is worn for two weeks. The total set number of aligners you need will vary based on your dental needs.


How much will it cost?

Generally, aligners are more expensive than conventional braces. However, the total cost is usually determined by the dentist, but don’t fret invisible aligners from Dr. Jonathan Moy are affordable and of good quality.

Pros and Cons

Transparent braces offer several advantages;

  • They are comfortable. Invisible aligners don’t have wires or brackets and you don’t have to worry about mouth cuts and irritation.
  • They are removable. Since they are not affixed as the traditional braces, invisible aligners can be removed when eating or brushing, hence promoting their durability.
  • The aligners require minimal maintenance; you only need to refresh them using a toothbrush and bleach.
  • You need a few dental visits. Once you get the set of aligners, you don’t need to keep visiting the clinic. You will, however, need a follow-up every six to eight weeks.
  • You will have improved dental health and appearance. Invisible orthodontic aligners will straighten your teeth which will improve your smile and dental health


Unfortunately, invisible braces have some disadvantages;

The aligners are cumbersome as you have to remove them while eating


The teeth appliances offer a little discomfort when you wear a new set of aligners because your teeth need to keep adjusting to the aligners

Maintain your aligners 

It’s essential to avoid eating or drinking hot beverages or tea or coffee while wearing aligners. Chewing or drinking with these transparent braces will lead to breakage and staining.

Achieve your natural smile

When you are ready to make a dental transformation, you can call to book an appointment with our dentist. Rest assured dental aligners from Dr. Jonathan Moy DDS are strong, durable and will not crack or stain easily.

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